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Use the world's largest independent internet radio network to promote your music! With a community of thousands of Broadcasters and millions of listeners, the Live365 Network is the perfect tool to reach new and existing audiences. Get your music into the hands and ears of over 5,000 Internet Radio DJs. Live365 reports weekly airplay charts in all major genres to CMJ, Radio & Records Magazine, Billboard On-Line and syndicates charts with 3rd party affiliates like


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Contact your favorite stations directly by going to their Station Page and sending them a Shout-Out!

Starting at $75/mo.

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Add your tracks to our shared Music Library, a secure service that lets all Live365 Broadcasters preview and add your tracks directly to their playlists.
Go to the Artist License Page for more info.

Starting at $1200

Targeted audio in-streams, custom players, video gateway, newsletters placements and other advertising opportunities. More info/media kit.

Some of our promotions and clients include: Maverick Records, The Rolling Stones, Six Degrees Records, Ladyslipper Music, Hollywood Records, Palm Pictures, Toucan Cove, Manhattan Records, Equal Vision Records, IODA, Iris, Capital Records.

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